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OpenDCIM: обзор бесплатного инструмента от OpenDCIM Foundation, Inc

Добавлено: 13 фев 2017, 15:38
DWDM Expert
Рассмотрим инструмент по учету инфраструктуры ЦОД от разработчика OpenDCIM Foundation, Inc.
Сайт разработчика: http://opendcim.org
Инструмент является хорошим аналогом платных приложений от производителей HP, EMC, Dell и т.д. и при этом является полностью бесплатным.

Re: OpenDCIM: обзор бесплатного инструмента от OpenDCIM Foundation, Inc

Добавлено: 05 дек 2019, 23:36
DWDM Expert
1) Data Center Map
Submit your own floor plan map and then subdivide it into logical zones within openDCIM. Cabinets are mapped out along the map to create informational areas and clickable cabinets for easy navigation.

2) Air Flow and CFD Export
Enter the front edge of each cabinet for your data center and export your entire inventory in XML format for integration with various CFD Modeling applications.

3) Cabinet View
A graphical map of the cabinet shows the position of each device, as well as any number of power strips. Many other

attributes can be configured to display as Tool Tips when hovering the mouse over a device.

4) Device View
Devices contain basic asset tracking information, such as serial number, asset tags, and ownership. VMWare ESX servers can also be queried with a cron job to populate a list of virtual machines on a specific host. Connections to switches and power strips can also be tracked. Most fields are optional.

5) Switch View
When a device is categorized as a switch, a table of all connections can be tracked. These connections are shown at both the switch and endpoint device, and are useful for dependency tracking. If SNMP is configured for the switch device, the port status can also be tracked to ensure that documented connections match linked ports.

6) Patch Mapping
Patch connections can be tracked from points Z to A, with a diagram available at any point along the way to illustrate the entire path

7) Power Strips
Several vendors of intelligent power strips are supported (others are easy to add) for automatic retrieval of current load via a cron job script.

8) Electrical Panels
Power Panels have schedules automatically generated based upon power strips defined in the data center. This data is also used in the Simulated Power Outage report, where you can see the effects of losing individual panels, or overall power sources.